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VR Porn Games TOP 10

List of the Top 10 Best VR Porn Games 2020

1. VR Porn Games Bundle!


2. SinVR


3. 3DXChat


For Game reviews scroll down!

4. Virt-A-Mate!

8.0 / 10

5. Waifu Sex Simulator

7.6 / 10

6. Fallen Doll

7.5 / 10

7. VR Titties

7.4 / 10

8. Mandy's Room & Mandy's Room 2

7.1 / 10

9. VR Kanojo

7.1 / 10

1. Games Collection – This is it. Simple as that. Free VR porn games Adult VR Games Games Bundle is the holy grail of adult VR Games. You have them all in here. Virt-A-Mate, Waifu Sex Simulator, Fallen Doll, Villain Simulator, Dominatrix Simulator… the list does not stop. Only the AAA titles of the adult vr games industry are present. Missing is 3DXCHat and other Full price titles like VR Kanojo but with over 20 games for such a low price, how can you go wrong here? Believe me when I tell you: This is it! games is crazy good value.

2. SinVR – The Superhero Cosplay VR Porn Game

SinVR recently got real Pornstars like Marley Binx Voice Act the girls! Sounds amazing? It is! SinVR offers everything for every fetish: A Dungeon with tools to slap some virtual game ass? Check. Cosplay like Game of Throne’s “Dragon Milf”? Wonder Girl? Or are you more the classroom and horny Teacher kinda person? This just offers so many different settings and is constantly updated. Definitely spot number 2 in this list of the Top 10 Best VR Porn Games

3. 3DXChat – Online Multiplayer Virtual Reality Porn Game

3DXChat (–>Check Review) is special in this list. That’s because it is meant to be played as an online Multiplayer VR Sex Game. You chat with strangers around the world, flirt and fuck. What is there not to like? Okay, the controls are a bit complicated but will get a fix soon according to the developers.  It’s incredible to talk to other people in VR and the oportunity to have sex with them is even wilder.

4. Virt-A-Mate – Endless Possibilities and virtual sex models

Virt A Mate Test Lesbians Featured

Virt-a-Mate is huge. One of the most complex virtual reality porn game. You have to decide if you want to download the best scenes for Virt-A-Mate and enjoy it without too much trouble. Or if you want to make your own scene like a director. You can even create the girls. Make them look like pornstars or real movie stars (I even saw a scene with Emma W. once). This game has a huge community and they help each other out and develop more scenes every day. Also the premium version of this Game is included in the Games Bundle!

5. Waifu Sex Simulator – 1000+ Anime Models to paly with

Waifu Sex Simulator Test Anal Position

The most known game in this list and it has a simple reason: Waifu Sex Simulator is free! It also features Thousands of models from across all anime series like One Piece or Pokemon. The Waifu Sex Simulator Models are what make the game so good: Download custom models or use the ones LewdFraggy (Dev) put inside the game already. Did you ever want to fuck league of legends characters or Nami? With this, you can! You can download the latest Version of Waifu Sex Simulator here:

6. Fallen Doll – The best Graphics VR Porn Game

Fallen Doll Titties Close up

If you want to see how perfection looks like: Check out Fallen Doll! I’ve never seen such a perfect body (in virtual reality porn games 😉 ). Everyone who loves good looking body parts and graphics needs to get this. The Gameplay is also great as you are the Pimp of a nightclub and in a Tycoon like fashion you need to earn money with your Girls (actually Sex Bots!) to level them up and upgrade your club. Pretty fun gameplay in combination with a great view. Another positive thing about Fallen Doll: it is also a part of the Collection.

7. VR Titties – Create your virtual Girlfriend Game

VRTitties Hentai Look

This one is simple: Choose the scene you want to be in then create your avatar – your girlfriend. You can give her a big booty or a small butt. The same goes for hips and of course: Titties! A good implementation has been the recent addition of nodding and shaking your head to communicate with her. VR Titties is a quick and simple simulator for the perfect virtual girlfriend or wife.

8. Mandy’s Room 1/2 – Creep around her Beedroom!


You open your eyes and you are in the bedroom of Mandy. She just bought you. Yes, you are her toy. A little plushie with camera’s in his eyes. In Mandy’s Room you creep around her room as she stretches, talks and plays with you. She has suspicions that someone is watching her, but she doesn’t really know. The VR Implementation is great and the controls are smooth. The story is neat but gets slow a little bit too fast for my taste.

9. VR Kanojo – Asian VR Porn Game

VR Kanojo Bathroom DLC Nsfw Nude

You need to teach her. Puh, this will be stressfull. Why did you agree to do this? But as you see her for the first time, every thought about this being a waste of time is gone. She is beautiful. In VR Kanojo you are the Tutor of a sweet and cute asian girl. While you get to know her, you realize she has a ridonkulous body. One of the best looking VR Girl but at a price: VR Kanojo is about 49 bucks..